Seminars / Conferences

Tax Academy creates opportunities for tax professionals to be updated on global tax developments through seminars and conferences. It brings together tax experts from the industry, academia and the government, both locally and from overseas, to engage in professional exchanges.

Past Seminars / Conferences

FasTax Series: Fundamentals of GST Filing
Date:26 June 2018 Venue:Revenue House

Join us in this workshop to gain tips and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Fundamentals of GST rules
  • Main tax obligations of a company and a tax agent
  • Practical tips for preparation of GST returns
  • Common filing mistakes that could be avoided
  • Risks and recovery actions taken for non-compliance
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FasTax Series: GST ASK for Aspiring Tax Professionals
Date:1 June 2018 Venue:Revenue House Discovery Room

This workshop will share with participants on how GST-registered businesses can use the Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK) to manage GST risks and avoid common GST errors. Speakers will illustrate with practical examples on the use of ASK to maintain good GST compliance. The programme will cover:

  • Introduction to GST Assisted Self-Help Kit (ASK)
  • Inculcating Good GST Practices
  • Performing Quality Checks and Highlights on Common GST Errors
  • Effective Annual Review
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TaxEdge Series: The Digital Road Ahead for Tax
Date:3 May 2018 Venue:NTUC Business Centre Room 701

In April 2018, the OECD released the interim report on Tax Challenges Arising from Digitalisation. Join us at this seminar where Dr. Achim Pross (Head of the International Co-operation and Tax Administration Division) will discuss the following :

  • The recent interim paper on digital economy, highlighting the short and long term implications
  • Will tax become an increasing hindrance on the development of and growth of digital economy?
  • What is the likely longer term directions for a solution on taxing of the digital economy?

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TaxEdge Series: China Tax Updates
Date:20 April 2018 Venue:Revenue House Discovery Room

China’s State Administration of Taxation (SAT) recently published new rules on the concept of a beneficial owner (BO) of income under China’s tax treaties. Join us at this seminar and hear from our speakers from Deloitte - Ms. Sophie Liu (Partner, International Tax, China) and Ms. Sharon Tan (Partner, International Tax, Singapore), who will share on the following areas:

  1. WHAT are the key takeaway(s) of Bulletin 9 i.e. what are the main features / important areas of Bulletin 9.
  2. WHY there is a need to have Bulletin 9 i.e. what did the old regulations not achieve and will Bulletin 9 fix that.
  3. HOW should Bulletin 9 be applied i.e. what are the factors to be considered when implementing the new requirements.

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Budget Seminar 2018
Date:16 April 2018 Venue:NTUC Business Centre Auditorium

Join us at the Budget Seminar 2018 as Tax Academy brings you an engaging dialogue session on tax changes arising from the recent budget announcement. Hear from IRAS’ speakers as they share on budget changes and their rationale. Our panellists from UOB, MOF, IRAS, Deloitte, ASME and DBS will also share their thoughts on business and economic implications, and attempt to answer burning questions from the audience.

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Seminar on Improving Tax Certainty through Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
Date:29 March 2018 Venue:Marriott Tangs Plaza
Join this seminar and hear from the OECD, international tax and arbitration experts, and policy makers who will share on:
  • the importance of tax certainty
  • its main sources and effects on businesses
  • practical approaches to help businesses operate in the uncertain tax environment
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FasTax Series: Managing Tax Compliance
Date:28 February 2018 Venue:Revenue House

This seminar aims to enhance companies’ understanding of IRAS’ compliance approach and how companies can better comply with their tax obligations. Coverage on the seminar will include IRAS’ assessment process and risk–based approach to tax assessment, common issues and mistakes made by companies, the penalty framework, an overview of the investigation process and the informant reward framework. Participants will also learn how to mitigate the common mistakes and improve tax compliance by enhancing internal controls, record keeping and other areas.

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FasTax Series: GST ASK for Aspiring Accredited Tax Professionals
Date:13 February 2018 Venue:Revenue House

This workshop aims to share with participants on how GST registered businesses can use the Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK) to manage GST risks and avoid common GST errors.

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TaxEdge Series: US Tax Reform Updates
Date:22 January 2018 Venue:Revenue House

Tax Academy is pleased to organised this seminar on US Tax Reform Updates. Join us at this seminar and hear from our speakers from Ernst & Young: Mr Luis Coronado (ASEAN International Tax Leader/Partner), Mr Aaron Topol (Partner, US Tax Desk), Ms Wong Hsin Yee (Partner, International Tax Services) and Mr Garrett Davidson (Senior Manager, US Tax Desk) as they share relevant and proactive advice on how to prepare for upcoming changes.

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FasTax Series: Fundamentals of Withholding Tax
Date:18 January 2018 Venue:Revenue House

Join us at this half-day seminar on the Fundamentals of Withholding Tax, where our IRAS speakers will share with you fundamental concepts of withholding tax, explain the types of payments that attract withholding tax and share examples to illustrate the computation of withholding tax. This seminar will also cover on the various aspects of withholding tax filing and payment obligations.

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