Seminars & Conferences

09 May 2016

Save the Date! Budget Seminar 2016

Venue: NTUC Business Centre Auditorium, Time: 2pm to 5.30pm.

20 May 2016

FasTax Series : GST ASK for Aspiring Accredited Tax Professionals

This workshop aims to share:

  • How GST-registered businesses can use the Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK) to manage GST risks and avoid common GST errors.
  • Certification procedures to help aspiring tax practitioners who are keen to get accredited with SIATP (Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals).

Executive Tax Programmes

Income Tax

Executive Tax Programme Levels I to III

Learn about the interpretation of the Income Tax Act and application of important principles.

Goods and Services Tax

Executive Tax Programme Levels I to III

Understand important concepts of GST, including its application in specific industry sectors.

International Tax

Executive Tax Programme Levels I to III

Discover the principles of international tax, with a focus on tax treaties and transfer pricing.

SMU-TA Centre for Excellence in Taxation

SMU-TA CET is the first tax research centre in Singapore. The centre undertakes multidisciplinary research on international taxation, from legal, economic and public policy perspectives, with focus on Asian economies and tax systems.

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